Mineral Forest Minerva Collection

The Minerva Collection is a beautiful series of locally designed and hand-crafted jewelry.

Minerva Collection by:  Mineral Forest + Great Dame

Concept + Styling: Patricia Jaliu

Photography: Logan Potterf

Model: Maddie Bramer

Hair + Makeup: Brandi Deleshaw

Ten Minutes with the Logan Family

Finally posting this sweet little set of photos to the journal - 3 + months late, but I always say, better now than never? We made these photos in about 10-15 minutes, in a 100 square foot area of their front yard, with a silly toddler, a happy sister, a hungry baby, and lots of love. This goes to show you family sessions (or any type) don't have to be long or stressful. Just get together, tell me when to show up, and bam - it's that easy. If you'd like to book one of these sessions for yourself, click here!

P.S. - So, this is literally one of my favorite families on the planet. I'm so excited for their new little person. I LOVE the love they have. This is what it's all about. xoxox

Camera/lens: Pentax 645nii + Pentax 75mm FA f/2.8 @2.8

Film: Portra 160 VC - Expired 2003